CLASS PROJECT: In the fall semester, CMAC facilitated a class project with 17 undergraduate McGill students from COMS 355: Media Governance. The students engaged the IndigenousRadio.ca open access resources and conference archive to draft a “Policy Proposal” that includes Terms of Reference and an Indigenous Radio Policy. For many students it was the first time they participated in drafting policy documents or researching Indigenous radio. CMAC Final Project (2017). “Policy Proposal” (download PDF). Written by Layal Awada, Arvaa Balsara, Klea Bogdani, Annie Charon, Julianna Delchop, Andrea Dobrea, Olivia Farley, Pascale Genest, Michelle Guo, Raghda Hindieh, Sasha Huebener, Eilis Mccann, Samantha Peets, Camille Point, Inès Thiolat, Alexa van Abbema, and Michayla Wolfe. COMS 355: Media Governance, McGill University.

WORKSHOP: In October, CMAC facilitated a workshop called, Lessons from Canada – Disrupting settler colonialism and oppression in the media. The presentation was part of the Grassroots Radio Conference the national gathering of the Grassroots Radio Coalition. Hosted by WCAA-LP 107.3 FM in Albany New York.


WORKSHOP: May 15, 2015 – CMAC presented workshops at the Media Action Research Conference held at Lakehead University. The first skill building workshop focused on internal policy making and was called “Creating, Implementing and Upholding Policies on Inclusive Practice.” Positioning policy advocacy as part of the toolkit of media activism, the second presentation was titled “Building Media & Technology Advocacy Skills” and was part of a panel discussion archived online here: VIDEO LINK.