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The Community Media Advocacy Centre ( is a non­-profit organization that offers advocacy and support to Indigenous and community organizations that wish to explore licensing, funding, and launching their own non-profit broadcasting organizations.

CMAC promotes community access to multimedia (radio, television, in print and online) Indigenous and community owned communication infrastructure by advocating for community-based, nonprofit and noncommercial broadcasting, as well as media produced by volunteers and/or underrepresented communities.

Our organization is uniquely comprised of academics, lawyers, policy consultants and experienced community media practitioners who prioritize the perspectives, voices and lived experiences of Indigenous Peoples, people of colour, third language and disAbility communities. CMAC prioritizes these voices because they are underrepresented in the media landscape generally.

CMAC uses the term “Protected Groups” to refer to Indigenous and racialized people, and people with disAbilities to emphasize that these groups are granted protections under the law to communication rights they have been denied concerning representation in Access, Employment, and Reflection across media platforms. CMAC intervenes at the CRTC on files relating to the rights of these Protected Groups, including hearings on new policies and license renewals, and has been the leading voice advocating on behalf of these communities at the Commission.




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